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Yoga Birth Method Institute

  Welcome to the Yoga Birth Method. Your best approach to a natural birth.

We offer childbirth education classes for couples, labor workshops for women, Certification for doulas and yoga teachers and also offer prenatal yoga teacher training and doula certification.

Yoga Birth Method has been published in 5 countries and translated to 4 different languages. This method empowers women to prepare for and embrace a natural birth experience. The YBM Institute offers doulas, childbirth educators, yoga teachers and other childbirth professionals training and certification to be able to use the techniques in their practices. We will also help women find YBM practitioners in their area and provide resources for a positive birth experience.

The Yoga Birth Method is an 8 step birthing pathway that empowers women through a natural and mindful childbirth experience. YBM’s philosophy is for the mother to connect with her baby during childbirth and to engage in her labor as an experience of enlightenment.
A very specific sequence of breathing and postures adapted to the physical and emotional changes in the stages of labor enable women to manage contractions from a calm, meditative and controlled perspective.

What is the purpose of
the yoga birth method?

The purpose of The Yoga Birth Method is to help to give women a greater opportunity to embrace childbirth as a natural and joyful experience. How a woman gives birth becomes her birth story for the rest of her life. YBM was founded to give women an opportunity to experience the best birth possible. Today more and more women are opting to use a doula or a midwife, YBM offer certification so that doulas, yoga teachers and birth professionals can use this natural method in their practices.

At what stage in pregnancy can I use this method?

There is no right or wrong time, however the earlier you begin to educate yourself on the progression of labor, the more equipped you will be with the resources.  Women have purchased the book as late as their last month of pregnancy and found the method useful in labor.

What are the benefits to using this method?

– Faster labor progression as postures encourage baby’s movement to the birth canal – a better chance at natural labor, as the meditative aspect helps mother understand the need to connect with baby – less chance of intervention, as mother is more equipped to make informative medical decisions

Certification Dates 2016:

The first two days is for YBM certification. No prerequisites are required for the 2 day training. All 4 days are for those looking to become prenatal yoga certified. For Doula training the first two days are required plus additional work is required outside the training

Full Course for Prenatal Yoga, YBM is $695 from Sept 29-October 2

Take the Master Trainer Certification $650 total additional 2 days with YBM  October 1- 4 (prenatal not required – add Prenatal Yoga Certification $900 total 6 days)

Prenatal ONLY Sept 29-30 $395

YBM ONLY Oct 1-2 $395

Master Trainer (YBM REQUIRED) Oct 3-4 $650


YBM $495 – Be able to teach the method to clients as a doula, nurse, childbirth educator

MASTER TRAINER $650 – Affiliate with Dorothy Guerra and offer certification workshops in your area (affiliation fees apply ask for details)

To host Dorothy for a training in your city or to speak at an event contact us at

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