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Birth Yoga Studio

BIRTH YOGA STUDIO – 89 Queen Street S. Mississauga, Ontario L5M 1K7

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Flow Yoga for Women – All classes are women only yoga classes. Helping women align with their bodies, stretch, move, flow and cater to restoring and renewing energy.

Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga  Maintain a strong healthy pregnancy body, stay active and calm. These classes prepare Mom for birth with sequences supporting labor positions and stretches that encourage a better labor.

Pelvic Floor Yoga:  Focus on abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles. This class with strengthen pelvic floor to prevent abdominal separation in pregnancy and help with uterus recovery in postnatal recovery.

Birthing Classes for Couples: This is a hands on class to learn what to expect in labor. Couples practice yoga techniques and comfort measures to manage pain naturally. You will be confident in making the right decisions in labor for a calm and enlightened birth

Prepare for Birth Classes for Women: This is a 3 class workshop that helps women understand labor and their options, practice postures to help connect with baby, create affirmations for a positive birth experience. We learn Yoga Birth Method techniques to use during the labor progress.

Doula: Package options available details here 

Fertility Yoga: We offer classes to help women and couples manage fertility issues and navigate through fertility options
Mom and Baby Classes: Get fit and have fun with your baby

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On Special – Monthly unlimited Auto Renew 3 Months for $79/month plus tax (regularly $99/month) requires 3 month agreement 



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