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Birth Yoga Studio

For studio offering Yoga Birth Method classes worldwide please email us.

BIRTH YOGA STUDIO – 89 Queen Street S. Mississauga, Ontario L5M 1K7

Visit us at  Mississauga, Ontario

Email yoga(at) for class registration and information

Prenatal Yoga  Maintain a strong healthy pregnancy body, stay active and calm. These classes prepare Mom for birth with sequences supporting labor positions and stretches that encourage a better labor.

Prenatal / Postnatal Fitness Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Fitness – Great for pregnancy, postpartum recovery using yoga, weights, pilates and full body strength exercises for a total all over work out

Pregnancy Birth Ball Class – using the birth ball with yoga to prepare for labor. Learning how to use positions for birth

Women’s Yoga Flow: Non heated yoga classes for women
Yoga Birth Method Childbirth Classes for Couples: This is a hands on class to learn what to expect in labor. Couples practice yoga techniques and comfort measures to manage pain naturally. You will be confident in making the right decisions in labor for a calm and enlightened birth

Doula: Package options available details here 

Fertility Yoga: We offer classes to help women and couples manage fertility issues and navigate through fertility options
Mom and Baby Classes: Get fit and have fun with your baby

5 classes $85


10 classes $150

Monthly unlimited $110

Three Months Unlimited $297

Visit our doula page for detailed info HERE

Placenta Services

Did you know you have options for your placenta after birth? Let us help you explore the best option for you and your baby.

Encapsulation – creating a dry pill form for consumption
Placenta Art Print – creating a beautiful imprint image from your baby’s womb
Tintures and Balms – creating massage creams and oils
Raw Smoothie or meal – in home food preparation

We pick up your placenta from the hospital and offer you any of the services above.

Why Encapsulate?

  • increases iron loss due to lochia flow
  • replenishes progesterone levels to reduce postpartum depression
  • helps recover uterus position with oxytocin
  • increases milk supply

A women’s placenta in the last month carries high levels of nutrients and hormones. By ingesting, creating tinctures or raw consumption a mother and her baby are able to replenish those much needed nutrients.

*art printing can be done without encapsulation or with encapsulation

* Dorothy is a certified Placenta Specialist

Prices Vary – $150-$500

If you would like to donate your placenta without our services please let us know, we would love to pick it up at no charge after delivery

Infant Massage

Babies need a good stretch. Helping them to release from their fetal position by massaging muscles and stretching joints encourages strong muscle development and can encourage their ability to roll and move. Massage also helps promote deep relation, prevent colic and improve sleep patterns.
We encourage massaging beginning at three weeks.

Our Doula Package includes 1 private massage session.

Join our baby massage class Thursdays 1:30-2:30
$35 Preregister (10% discount for monthly members)

Private in home baby massage – $65