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Yoga Birth Method Certification

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Help teach women how to navigate the hospital birthing system so it works for them

Teach women how to make choices in labor that result in positive childbirth experiences

Be apart of reducing caesarean rates in our countries by empowering women to use the Yoga Birth Method

Learn how to teach the 8 Step Pathway for a Positive Childbirth Experience to women in your yoga/doula/birth career

Are you a doula and would like to have the tools to manage your births using hands on yoga tools?  or are you thinking about becoming a doula, this course is for you.

Are you a yoga teacher and looking to add prenatal experience to your skills?Would you like to learn how to turn your prenatal yoga class into an interactive preparation class for labor?

Are you a child birth educator and would like to offer hands on tools for your couples to use in labor that are effective in managing painAre you thinking about teaching childbirth education?

The Yoga Birth Method is an empowering eight-step pathway to achieving a positive and joyful birth experience. Dorothy Guerra teaches you this method to effectively work as a doula, prenatal teacher or birth educator. This three day intensive gives you the foundation to become a childbirth professional. Based on her best selling book Yoga Birth Method – A Step by Step Guide to Childbirth. The techniques are proven to reduce caesarian rates and empower women to effectively understand their options for a positive birth experience and speak up against unnecessary or unwanted medical interventions.

This course teaches you what happens in labor and how to teach that to women along with the tools to manage their labor experience. Most birth courses only educate couples on the what to expect in labor, the Yoga Birth Method gives women the “HOW TO” work with that information with practical hands on techniques.

What you will learn:

  • The Stages of Labor and how the birth method fits into each stage for couples to manage
  • Managing Pain Thresholds with Proven Yoga Techniques
  • Medical Interventions – What are they, when are they necessary, when can women refuse them, pro’s and con’s
  • Alternative Yoga Birth Method options for medical intervention
  • The 8 step pathway of breathing, postures and intentions that empower women to a natural, safe and enlightened birth experience
  • How to encourage a positive experience when things don’t go as planned
  • How to teach partner support and hands on techniques for pain management
  • What movements baby makes in labor that Mom needs to know
  • How to build a positive birthing relationship between mom and baby.

Dorothy Guerra teaches you a solid plan for managing the mind, body, and spirit throughout the stages of pregnancy and labour. You will be apply to apply your certification to your prenatal yoga classes, doula career or to any childbirth profession.

If you would like to attend the intensive and use it to become certified as a doula or prenatal yoga teacher there is an additional fee of $200 and further work to be completed before or after the course.

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 Certification weekend for YBM


Weekend trainings:

Toronto – November 4-5

California Los Angeles Dec 2-3

New York Jan 13-14


YBM $595

Master Trainor $1200